By booking your holiday accommodation with Boreen Point Real Estate you agree to be bound by the following Terms & Conditions including our Privacy Policy. We may revise these Terms & Conditions from time to time by updating them on our website. The revised terms will take effect from when they are posted.

  1. Guest accommodation is for residential purposes only. Guests have 24 hours from their arrival to raise any issues they may have with the property. After this time the property and its condition are seen to be accepted. The premises are let to accommodate only the number of people specified in the booking, for the period specified. Overloading will render the guests liable for extra charges and risk of cancellation.
  2. Functions and parties are strictly prohibited. Any type of function or party will incur a minimum function fee of $300 This fee is non-negotiable and will be debited from you nominated credit card. In addition to the function fee, cleaning and replacement costs will be charged. Care to the premises, our reputation and consideration to neighbours must be respected at all times. If we are called out after hours for a noise complaint a $300 fee will be charged.
  3. With regard to telephone, postal bookings or email, no responsibility for misleading description can be accepted. Whilst we will do our best to keep all properties current, they can be changed or altered at any time prior to getting these details updated. No refunds or claims for compensation will be considered in this situation. No responsibility is accepted for errors and omissions contained on this website or in our holiday brochure.
  4. All bookings attract a Booking Fee of $40.00.
  5. We cannot be held responsible for the decisions of the owners of premises (i.e. sale of the property, alterations/repairs, withdrawal of the premises from the letting pool), which could affect this booking. In this event, every effort will be made to find alternative accommodation. Where a booking is cancelled by the owner all deposits will be refunded.
  6. Deposits are accepted on the basis that the rental fee quoted may be increased or the booking cancelled. Any increase in rates will apply unless payment is made in full at time of booking.
  7. If the guest cancels the booking, PROVIDED THAT three month’s notice is given the deposit will be refunded (less a $50.00 cancellation and handling fee). The deposit will not be refunded if the booking is cancelled within three months, EXCEPT where the premises are re-let based on the cancelled booking. In this case the cancellation and handling fee of $50.00 will apply. Any shortfall in the re-let charged will also apply.
  8. By making a booking, and/or by payment of a deposit and/or receipt of keys it is deemed to be your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy.
  9. Payment of a deposit equal to at least 30% of the full rental fee quoted must be paid at the time of booking unless other arrangements have been made. Confirmation of your booking will be sent to your nominated email address or as requested.  Before entry to our properties a current credit card must be provided as security and bond for the use of the property. If no card is supplied guests are expected to leave a $500 bond.
  10. The balance of costs is payable before arrival. We accept BC/MC/VC, cheque or direct transfer of balance prior to arrival. Credit card payments attract an additional 1.5% surcharge.

CREDIT CARD REFUNDS/CANCELLATIONS – Any errors that may occur in processing credit card payments need to be directed to Boreen Point Real Estate.

  1. The premises are available from 2pm on day of arrival and are to be vacated no later than 10am on the day of departure. Failure to depart by 10am without prior arrangement will incur additional charge of $50 per hour past 10am. Early check ins & late check outs are available on request, except for 1-night stays. An additional fee may apply in these instances. After arrival guests have 24 hours to report any issues they have with the house to the office.
  2. Late arrivals (after 5pm) will need to let us know so lights can be left on.
  3. Extra cleaning and linen can be arranged for an additional charge. The premises must be left in a clean and tidy state when departing, otherwise you will be charged for extra cleaning. Likewise, excessive garbage will be charged at Contractors rates for removal. Rubbish days are Wednesdays and guests are expected to put out the bins for collection early Wednesday mornings if in residence or at the end of their stay. Where stated you must provide your own sheets, pillow slips, and towels. All other items are provided in house e.g… blankets/doonas, mattress protectors, tea towels. If guests fail to supply or hire their own linen where stated, additional costs will be incurred after departure for cleaning/washing.
  4. Telephones are not available in our properties.
  5. Guests are responsible for the loss or damage of fittings, fixtures and any item in the premises, WHETHER ACCIDENTAL OR OTHERWISE. Guests will pay for any such damage or loss at the discretion of the manager. Lost keys are to be reported and paid for by the occupants. By making a booking, paying a deposit or acceptance of the key you authorise us to charge your credit card for any subsequent damage, loss or charges found after checkout.
  6. Guests shall only park cars in specified areas allowed for that purpose. Please note that most properties do not have under cover parking.
  7. Boreen Point Real Estate accepts no responsibility for guest’s personal property or equipment on the premises.
  8. In ‘Pet Friendly’ houses, pets are not allowed at any time on carpeted areas; on any furnishings or in bedrooms. No more than 2 pets are permitted. Pet Friendly properties approve pets mostly OUTSIDE. These properties usually have covered verandas, decks or courtyards for your pets use. Most properties are not fenced for pets unless indicated. Pets at all times must be kept quiet with minimal noise and disturbance to neighbours and kept secure at all times. All pet droppings must be collected and disposed of properly. No dog hair is permitted to be left inside houses. We have a ‘leave no trace’ policy for all pets. Any breach of these conditions will attract a $300 penalty.
  9. Guests are not permitted to smoke inside the premises. A $250 penalty fine will apply if you smoke indoors.
  10. All keys must be left where advised in our Arrival Information email. Lost keys will incur a recutting charge and may incur locksmiths’ fees and/or lock replacement fees.
  11. For lock outs after hours a $150.00 call out fee will be charged.
  12. Any breaches of these Terms & Conditions or failure to comply with the Managers directions will see the tenancy terminated immediately with no refund for time unused.
  13. Tariffs are current as per the tariff sheet, brochure and website, and are subject to change without notice. No responsibility is accepted for errors and omissions contained on this website, holiday accommodation brochure or tariff sheet.
  14. No responsibility is taken for disturbances or inconvenience caused by building and other works. Guests are reminded of the quiet nature of our village and are asked to respect their neighbours and the residents in the village. Noise pollution is an offence and restrictions are imposed by the Police.
  15. Guest are asked to ensure the smoke alarms in the premises are in working order on arrival. If not, please contact the office immediately. Guests are not permitted to remove batteries or alarms under any circumstances. Please also note that any damage to improper use of septic systems will be charged to guests.
  16. As with all holiday letting, unexpected situations can cause inconvenience (i.e. electrical malfunctions, storms, excessive rain and basic wear and tear). All reported cases affecting the enjoyment of the property will be dealt with in a diligent and professional manner by Boreen Point Real Estate as soon as practicable. Claims for compensation for unexpected problems (except at the sole discretion of the manager in critical situations) will not be considered.
  17. Threats of legal action against ourselves will be ignored unless presented in an appropriate format by a qualified legal practitioner. Please refer to our complaint’s procedure for further advice.


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In the event that you are unhappy with any aspect of your experience with us, you agree to firstly discuss the matter with us calmly and by appointment. In return, we agree to try to work with you towards a satisfactory outcome for all parties. A Complaints procedure is adopted by this office. If a house is not to your satisfaction, we allow 24 hours only for processing a complaint about the condition of the house. This allows us to verify and bear witness to the issue raised. Otherwise, after 24 hours, you are deemed to have accepted the house in its entry condition and no further complaint will be considered.  Complaints made on exit or after departure will not be considered or accepted. For further information please contact our office directly by email or phone.

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