All bookings attract a $40.00 Booking Fee. For more information on each property listing including photos and features click SEARCH below. 


or email



To calculate rates and check availability for your stay click the link below. The ‘Calendar’ opens with pricing for a 7-night stay in the current fortnight and displays all houses. It is updated every 5 minutes.

To calculate your correct rate, you MUST enter your dates and the number of nights for your stay. Go to the top right-hand corner and click on the date calendar & enter your dates and the number of nights. The ‘Calendar’ will then reload with the correct rates and availability for your chosen dates.

Remember the rates shown are for the number of nights you entered. If you adjust this, the rates will change.

If you hover over the house name a brief description and bedding configuration will display.



All our houses and accommodation come complete with what you would expect in a normal home. They are fully self-contained. Each house on arrival will have 2 toilet rolls per toilet, washing up detergent, bin liners, dishcloth, tea towel and small packet soap in the bathrooms. You need only bring your food and beverages, standard pantry items, personal items and linen if required. Check the house description for more information.

Most houses are used by their Owners at times, so often you will find a locked storage cupboard with their personal effects. Some may leave pantry items which you are free to use. Some also leave their water craft and equipment on site.  Guests are not permitted to use any water craft or equipment that is left on site.

CODE OF CONDUCT – If noise complaints are received fines and/or eviction will apply if call outs are activated by Noosa Council. The Minimum Cost for a call out is $300 to address a noise complaint. 


  1. each vehicle used by an occupant of the premises must—A) be stored in a manner that does not cause a nuisance or inconvenience to adjoining premises; and (B) be parked within the parking facilities at the premises;
  2. each occupant of the premises who enters, uses or occupies the premises, including any outdoor area of the premises, for example, an outdoor entertainment area, deck, balcony, swimming pool or spa, must not—A) detrimentally affect the residential amenity (including but not limited to noise, overlooking or light spill) enjoyed by residents adjoining, or in the vicinity of, the premises; or(B) cause a nuisance (including a noise nuisance); or C) display unacceptable behavior, for example— • loud aggressive behaviour; Noosa Shire Council Administration (Amendment) Subordinate Local Law (No. 1) 2021 11 • yelling, screaming, arguing; • excessively loud cheering, clapping or singing; or (D) create a level of noise which is in excess of the acceptable levels described by Queensland Government legislation for environmental protection (noise);
  3. an occupant of the premises must not sleep or camp on the premises in a tent, caravan, campervan or similar facility;
  4. pets occupying the premises must be managed and not cause a nuisance (including a noise nuisance);
  5. each occupant of the premises must store general waste (including the separation of recyclable waste) produced as a result of the ordinary use or occupation of the premises in a waste container;
  6. each occupant of the premises must ensure that the premises, including the grounds of the premises, are kept in a safe and tidy condition.

KEYS – Access to the houses will be advised at least 24 hours before arrival via your Arrival Information email. On arrival you need to go straight to your house.  If you are coming in after hours you need to email or text prior. On departure leave the keys in the front door or put them back as advised. 

ACCOUNTS – You will normally have paid a deposit and left credit card details with your booking. The balance is paid on arrival or by direct transfer before arrival. Accounts are finalised after you depart and I have received the cleaning report. If you want a statement emailed to you, please just email or advise and I can send one to you.

KITCHENS – All houses come fully equipped with standard facilities. This includes stoves & ovens, pots & pans, cutlery, crockery, glassware, utensils, toasters, kettles, coffee plungers. Additional features such as microwaves or BBQ’s are shown in the features of each house if provided.

LINEN – All houses provide bedding with adequate blankets/doonas, mattress protectors, pillows. Most houses do not supply other linen so you will need to bring your own sheets, towels and pillow slips. Tea towels are provided.

PHONES/INTERNET/WIFI – None of the houses have landlines. Phone reception varies throughout the village and not all houses have reception inside especially if on carriers other than Telstra, but outside on verandahs can often work. A stroll around your house or to a higher vantage point or clearing should enable some reception. The best place for reception is on the higher points or on the LHS of main beach. Likewise, mobile internet is not always successful, or can be slow. An NBN tower has been installed near the village and over time I expect some owners to install the service. At the moment Gentle Shores and  ‘Aqua Marine’ offers free Wi-Fi via the NBN.

TV – All houses have TV’s of varying ages and most have DVD players. Some require operation through a set top box and some are satellite. Check each house for any instructions and to ensure what facilities they offer. Some have CD players & stereos and/or radios. Check house information for what is on site. Digital reception was introduced recently but can at times pixilate on certain channels. This is because of the nature of the terrain and the trees.

TANK WATER – All houses collect water off gutters which is stored in water tanks. There is no town water in Boreen Point. The water is pumped into the house via water pumps. When no taps are in use the pump should be silent. If the power goes off e.g. in a storm, your water pump won’t work and there will be no water in the house. For those not accustomed to tank water, boiling the water for drinking is strongly advised. You should store extra water in the fridge of the house. Please don’t waste water by washing cars or boats, taking extra long showers, or leave taps running unnecessarily. Water levels in the houses are checked regularly but if you run out there is usually a delay of at least 24 hours for a delivery.

SEPTICS – All houses in Boreen Point have septic systems. We are not connected to a town sewerage system. Septic systems are designed only for waste from toilets or grey water and are very sensitive. Do not put any foreign matter, including sanitary napkins, tampons or nappies OR toxic waste such as paint, into the system as this will clog or upset the system. Excessive use of bleach will also upset the natural balance of the system. In the kitchen wipe excessive fats & oils from pots, pans and dishes with paper before washing up, then place this paper in the garbage.

BUGS ETC – We reside in a rural environment opposite a sand dune, surrounded by water and national park. There are bugs et al about, especially ants, beetles, spiders, moths, gheckos, mice (mostly native marsupials), snakes, mosquitoes, cockroaches, water dragons, frogs, lizards, goannas. Some houses are screened and some are not. Some are old and get dusty especially when vacant for even short periods of time. None are airtight. Houses are cleaned when you depart, and are spring cleaned about twice a year to keep on top of any bug/dust issues. We do not do pre-entry cleans unless experience suggests we should check. Gheckos reside in all the houses and are problematic because they poop about. Cockroaches live in the septic systems and can easily enter houses, especially up the drain pipes. (HINT – LEAVE PLUGS IN SINKS!) Ants can build nests overnight especially in the wet season in quiet dark places, but will usually leave when exposed to vibration and light. Most houses are well booked and therefore well maintained. If you arrive and are not happy about anything at all please ring the office. Don’t leave it until you depart to complain, because we want you to have a good time whilst your here and are only too happy to attend to any unforeseen problems.

SMOKE ALARMS – All houses have compliant smoke alarms installed. There is a tendency for them to go off without warning especially in humid weather. Small insects or dust can also set them off. If you encounter problems please refrain from removing them and call the office for assistance. If you must remove them please advise the office ASAP.

CLEANING – Included in your tariff is an exit clean. It is not exhaustive and not a spring clean. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE AS YOU FOUND IT. The exit clean will cover BASIC bathroom and sanitary requirements. If houses are left ‘dirty’ extra cleaning will be charged @ $50 per hour. BBQ’s must be cleaned by guests as they are used. A fee of $60 will be charged if BBQ”S are left ‘dirty’.

EMERGENCIES – Please refer to our ‘Storm’ & ‘Emergencies’ page for advice. It is important you check weather details before venturing onto the lake. If time permits I will SMS storm warnings, but you can usually hear or see them approaching. Any faults or maintenance should be reported or referred to the office. For any emergency for FIRE, AMBULANCE, ACCIDENT, POLICE call ‘000’.



Boreen Point Village is the only residential enclave on the shores of beautiful Lake Cootharaba. There an estimated 310 properties in the village catering for permanent residents and holiday makers. Boreen Point village is surrounded by the Great Sandy National Park and rural preservation zone.

Boreen Point is an estimated 2-hour drive from central Brisbane and Brisbane airport, 15 minutes to the nearest service centres of Tewantin and Pomona, 20 minutes to Noosa, 40 minutes to Maroochydore airport and 50 minutes from Gympie.

Facilities include the famous Apollonian Hotel; Boreen Point General Store; Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club; Boreen Point Camping Ground; Boreen Point Real Estate; Lake Escapades canoe/kayak and boat hire, Boreen Point Not So Serious Rowing Club.

‘The Lake’ is a mixture of fresh and saltwater with boat access along the Noosa River to the ocean.  You can also boat across the lake to Teewah Landing and walk to the surf beaches at Teewah (not patrolled). The lake is on average 1.5m deep. It is extremely popular for sailing, wind surfing, fishing, kite surfing, swimming and also for canoes, kayaks, and rowing. Other activities include tennis, bush walking, BMX track, skate park.



A warm welcome to all our Guests & Visitors.

Please find below some useful information that will help you explore our beautiful area. Also feel free at any time to ring me for anything you may need help with. Boreen Point is the place for many activities and is most suitable for adventure seekers and families, people wanting some peace, weekend escapes, romantic interludes, weddings, conventions and those that respect the environment. It is also known as place of ‘healing’.

ART & CULTURE – Boreen Point is home to many amazing artisans. This includes Artists, Photographers, Musicians, Writers, and many other talents within this amazing community, including our tradesmen, web designers, wood workers, boat builders, and eccentrics! Drive by Judith Wrights house….18 Vista Street, Boreen Point... – there is so much in this wonderful community to explore.

Visit – MUDDY WATERS STUDIO – by appointment – Sue Coburn – Artist – 14 Vista Street, Boreen Point P.4853413. MICHELE KNIGHTLEY – Artist – see her website Amazing! FLOATING LAND – A bi-annual arts & cultural festival dedicated to the environment. Visit Most local artists can be found within this website.  MAUREEN WILLIAMS – Artist – KNOELENE KNIGHTLEY – Photographer – TELENA ROGERS – Ceramics – DEB WILLCOCKS – Jeweller – JENNY WALTERS – artist – So many amazing and talented people – quietly going about their craft.

COMMUNITY GARDEN – Yes we have a community garden growing veges and herbs. It’s not open to the public….but a stroll by is nice. Its situated next to 57 Woongar Street Boreen Point.

GARBAGE – Yes, its important! Our collection day is Wednesday with recycle bin every 2nd week. There is also now a green bin service (garden waste only) alternate days to the recycle bin.

APOLLONIAN HOTEL – Open 7 days a week from 10am till close, the local pub is an exceptional venue and caters for all ages. They also serve lunch and dinner 7 days a week from 12 noon to 2pm and 6pm to 8pm. They also provide some accommodation with shared facilities. There is also a social club that sponsor events throughout the year and run ‘the goose club’ on Friday nights in the public bar. It’s a good time to come along, join the club and get to know the locals. You may even win a prize at the raffle – tickets are on sale very Friday from 6pm and the raffle prizes are drawn at 7pm. Ring 07 5485 3100 for more information or visit

COFFEE TRIBE – open 7 days a week from 7am till 3pm in winter and later on weekends in summer. They provide the basic grocery lines, with newspapers, fresh bread, milk and general items. They also serve take-aways for breakfast and lunch They are well known for their hamburgers, and also serve fish & chips, toasted and fresh sandwiches, and other fried foods. Ring 07 5485 3147.

LAKE ESCAPADES – If you want to explore the lake and environs by water, call Robert on 07 5485 3867. He has canoes, kayaks and tinnies for hire, he can organise a 1- or 2-night camping safari, and he can also organise a boat tour for you or your visitors. Also visit

TRANSPORT – The Council subsidises a maxi taxi flexilink service between Boreen Point & Tewantin 3 times a day, which connects to some translink bus routes. Bookings are essential as it is a ‘Ring & Ride’ service and requires bookings at least 2 hours in advance. Call 1300 511 163 to book or visit or simply search Boreen Point Maxi Taxi.

LIBRARY – Boreen Point is serviced by the mobile library bus that comes to the village at Borg Park on Thursdays between 1.30pm – 4pm. For more information go to the Library website

THE EVERGLADES, GREAT SANDY NATIONAL PARK & KINABA INFORMATION CENTRE – At our doorstep the national park has numerous walks of varying distances and destinations. It is imperative to check the website for National Parks at Walking tracks summary to check conditions, information and check lists before visiting the park.The famous Noosa Everglades is the waterway within the national park which is only accessible by boat across Lake Cootharaba. Before you enter the everglades, Kinaba Information Centre provides an overview of the park and its waterways. It’s a timber building at the top of the lake best accessed by boat, but you can also walk there. You can also visit the ‘Sandblow’ which is a full day adventure from Boreen Point by boat.

MT SEAWAH & TEEWAH LANDING & NORTH SHORE – Most residents are familiar with the walk from Teewah landing to Mt Seawah and return (4kms). It is especially beautiful in spring when the wildflowers are out. You must cross the lake by boat to Teewah Landing then walk from there. You can also walk to the North Shore surf beaches from Teewah Landing. The following brochure provides more information visitorguide-cooloola

COOTHARABA COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION – This association serves its members and the community on issues that relate directly to the area. It’s the first port of call from Council when issues arise that will affect the area and the residents. Members and residents can also raise issues which they believe need discussion. It’s served by an Executive Committee, who are elected each year and who volunteer their time and energy for this important group. Membership is a once-off joining fee of $5 and a yearly membership per person of $20. If you want to keep abreast of what is happening locally and have your say on important issues, then please download the application form following. Membership Application or Renewal. You can also contact the Secretary – Di Elsworth on 5485 3744 or email

FRIENDS OF KINABA – An outstanding local community group who volunteer their services for the upkeep and maintenance of the Kinaba Information Centre which is situated at the northern part of the lake, in association with National Parks. You can join the group for many a ‘breakfast at Kinaba’ gathering or Volunteer to become a Volunteer Ranger. Visit their website at

BOREEN POINT NOT SO SERIOUS ROWING CLUB – enjoy the early morning rows on the lake. Once a member you can access the equipment whenever the urge arises. Full training is provided by certified instructors. Contact Rob Dessaix on 0428 787 821 or email – it’s fantastic fun.

BOREEN POINT MUSIC NIGHT – A group of local musicians frequently get together at the Apollonian Hotel and have frequent jam sessions both at the pub every 2nd Friday or at their homes. If you are musically minded either beginner or advanced contact Mark Seaman on 5485 3375 or the pub on 5485 3100

BOREEN POINT CONSERVATION GROUP – A dedicated group who spend their spare time weeding and maintaining the local environs. Contact Pete on 5485 3706.

SES & RURAL FIRE BRIGADE – We have in the village an SES shed and Rural Fire Brigade shed with equipment for call outs in the event of an emergency or storm in our area. To Contact the SES ring 132500 or for fire & emergencies ring 000. Remember they are always looking for volunteers.

If you have any other information for this page, please contact us as we are only too happy to include on this site.



The Information below may assist you to enjoy your time in our beautiful area.

Here we include a list of other websites which contain information that may be useful to you.  Simply click on the links and the pages will open in a new browser window.  Additional information will be added as it comes to our attention.

The Area :

  • Queensland Holidays – Sunshine Coast – provides general information on the region, its attractions and local towns, plus provides access to online maps, local weather and climate information.
  • MySunshineCoast – large portal site with access to a wide range of information on local attractions, and local current events.
  • Tourism Noosa – contains information on accommodation in the Noosa and surrounding area, daily and annual weather, local transport, a calendar of events and the top 5 things to do or experience in the areas of culture, cuisine, nature and action.
  • Great Sandy National Park (Cooloola Recreation Area) – provides tons of information and maps on this spectacular national park, located between Noosa Heads and Rainbow Beach.  The park is readily available by boat from Boreen Point, plus a number of walking trails to and within the park, as well as 4WD access.
  • Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club – is a family oriented friendly club, located in Boreen Point on the shores of this wonderful lake providing “some of the best flat water sailing conditions in the world”.
  • Lake Escapades – Noosa Everglades Day and Overnight Trips, and Canoe/Kayak/Boat Hire – are based in Boreen Point and offer lake-front canoe, kayak and boat hire, ideal for exploring the lake and river system and the pristine Noosa Everglades.  In addition, 2-day and 3-day canoe/camping safaris are very popular, budget priced and operate on most days of the year. Check out their website or phone Robert on 0424 800 052.
  • Noosa Regional Council – our local government authority. Noosa Shire Council now de-amalgamated from Sunshine Coast Regional Council with their main office located in Poinciana Avenue, Tewantin. Tewantin Office of the SCRC,  Click to view THE NOOSA PLAN.
  • Noosa Ratepayers Association
  • NICA – Noosa Integrated Catchment Association – river and estuary management
  • Noosa Parks Association
  • Boreen Point Camping Grounds – our local council-operated and very unique and special campground, located on the lake foreshore within the Lake Cootharaba Bushland Reserve.  Popular with family groups and nature lovers.

Bureau of Meterology – Rainfall Radar – is it raining in or around our area at the moment?  Follow this link to one of the most amazing real-time weather tools you have ever seen.  Though not specifically marked, Boreen Point is located south-east of the centre of the displayed map, just north of Tewantin.  If you check the box marked to show “Lakes and major rivers”, Lake Cootharaba is clearly visible north of Tewantin and to the east of Cooran.  Boreen Point is located on the western shore of the lake, the only residential area on this massive lake.



  • Queensland Office of Fair Trading – provides a summary of the key consumer protection issues applicable within Queensland related to real estate dealings, with the option to download a free government guide to buying, selling and investing in property in this state.  You can also obtain a copy of the guide by phoning the OFT on 1300 658 030.
  • Queensland Residential Tenancies Tribunal – provides information of relevance to landlords and tenants, on their rights, obligations and responsibilities when renting residential properties in Queensland.


Boreen Point village is on tank water only. We do not have reticulated town water. Therefore, our water supply is not treated and is a valuable resource.

Water is collected directly off the roof and stored in water tanks at the property where it is pumped into the house. If all taps are off, no toilets/showers in use and the pump keeps going, then you may have a leak somewhere in the system and you should call the office.

Some houses have filters, and some do not. Either way if you’re not used to tank water, we highly recommend that you boil water for drinking or buy drinking water from the general store.

Sometime water can be discoloured from vegetation or even have a slight floral odour from pollen and flowers. If you are concerned, we can chlorinate the supply, but it’s perfectly safe to use for showers, cleaning etc.

Please use water wisely. Tank levels are monitored on a regular basis to ensure your supply. If you use excessive amounts of water and run out, it may take up to 24 hours to get a delivery. Excessive use can also overload the septic systems and cause spillage.

Please refrain from washing boats and cars, leaving taps running unnecessarily or taking long showers.



If arriving after dark you need to advise your ETA when booking or by email, text or phone so keys and lights can be organised for your arrival. 

Keys can NOT be collected from the office. Access will be advised by email at least 24 hours prior to your arrival with your Arrival Information email.

When you depart keys should be left in the front door of the house for access by the cleaner.



BOREEN POINT is a small residential village in a rural environment and happens to be at the end of the power delivery chain.

The most common cause of power outages is caused by storms and lightening, so please be well prepared to cope if you are aware a storm is approaching. Occasionally power drops out for a few minutes without warning. If trees or branches fall across any of the lines along the supply chain this too can cause blackouts. If the power comes on and off more than 3 times in quick succession than you can pretty well conclude there is a problem and it may take some time to reconnect. If you’re not sure if it’s a general blackout or just your house, just check with someone around you or ring the office. You can also call ENERGEX on 136262 to get an update on the situation.

Please be aware that when the power goes out you will have no water, as this is pumped to your house by an electric pump.

If there is a blackout at night, your houses usually have a torch or enclosed candle. Most houses have BBQ’S to continue cooking or there are BBQ’s along the foreshore. Toilets can still be used to a certain limit, and if you have a bucket you can flush with water from the lake. Locals will head to the pub if it lasts for a few hours.

The shortest times it has been out is a few seconds…. the longest time it was out was 6 days when ex tropical cyclone ‘Oswald’ did it’s amazing journey down the whole coast in January 2013.

We will do our utmost to assist you at these times and please feel free to ring if you need assistance.



Please be aware of the weather conditions before you go boating on the lake. Storms can build very quickly and if a severe storm alert is issued, we will try and let you know by text message. You can also ring the office for updates.

If the power fails, you will have no water. Please ensure you adequate back up drinking water available.

The following information has been obtained from Noosa Regional Council website.



In a disaster or an emergency:

  • call 000 for the police, ambulance or fire brigade in a life-threatening situation
  • call 132 500 for SES assistance with storm damage, rising flood water, fallen trees or damage to your roof
  • call council on (07) 5329 6500 to report problems with council service or infrastructure, such as roads covered by water or fallen trees/debris etc.
  • call Unity water on 1300 Unity (1300 086 489) to report water or sewerage service outages and damage to infrastructure
  • for the latest weather information visit the Bureau of Meteorology website
  • more emergency contacts


In Noosa, everyone is encouraged to get ready for what Queensland weather can bring. With a little planning and by taking some simple steps you can minimise the impact of an event on your home, family, business, neighbourhood and pets.

  • Get Ready Queensland – a Queensland Government initiative offering preparedness advice for severe weather events in several languages.


When disaster strikes you need to understand what is happening around you. Listen to the advice of authorities on whether to stay put or evacuate. Remember to follow your emergency plan.

 During and after a disaster or emergency

Council’s Disaster Management Roles and Responsibilities

Council has prepared a Local Disaster Management Plan to respond to the possibility of a disaster or emergency occurring in the Noosa Shire.


Tel: (07) 5329 6500
Visit Facebook for updates

Tel:  000 (emergency only)
Queensland Ambulance website

State Emergency Service (SES)
Tel: 132 500
State Emergency Service (SES) website

Tel: 000 (emergency only)
Queensland Police website . Use the police station locator to find your nearest police station
Visit Facebook for updates

Fire Brigade
Tel: 000 (emergency only)
Queensland Fire and Rescue Services website

Bureau of Meteorology
Tel: 1300 659 219
Bureau of Meteorology website

Tel: 13 11 14
Lifeline website

Red Cross
Tel:  1300 554 419
Red Cross website

St Vincent de Paul
Tel:  (07) 5443 1946
St Vincent de Paul website

Volunteering Qld
Tel:  (07) 5443 8256
Volunteering Qld website

Sunshine Coast Airport
Tel:   (07) 5453 1500
Sunshine Coast Airport website

Unity water
Tel: 1300 0 UNITY (1300 086 489)
Unitywater website

Noosa Hospital     (07) 5455 9200
Gympie Hospital   (07) 5489 8444
Nambour General (07) 5470 6600
Caloundra             (07) 5436 8500

Traffic and Travel Information
(Department of Transport and Main Roads)
Tel:  13 19 40
131940 website

Tel: 13 19 05
RACQ website

Tel:  13 22 03
Telstra website

Tel:    13 19 62 (Emergency)
13 62 62 (Loss of supply)
13 12 53 (Enquiries)
Energex website

Tel:  1300 363 736
RSPCA Qld website